Sunday, January 23, 2005


World class kiwi design

After a few months in New Zealand, I am starting to find some exceptional products made locally. Three of my favorites, which stand out as better than similar products I've encountered in the States or Europe.

Icebreaker sweaters are made from fine merino wool but intended for use out of doors. Their finish is perfect, the appearance sublime, and their performance is better than the yucky polyfleece people normally wear.

Cuisine magazine may be the best food and wine magazine in the English language. My wife likes the recipes, I like the travel features, and the photography is outstanding. Unfortunately the website doesn't do justice to the magazine.

Formway's "Life" desk chair is the most amazing desk chair I've seen. It's made by a local Wellington company that has thought through how to allow the chair to adjust without forcing the user to make the adjustments. It is available in the States from Knoll.

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