Tuesday, April 26, 2005


hard labor

I've been working hard, the past weeks, at an industrial design class. It seems everything I set about doing takes three times longer than I anticipate. Even after that, I feel unsatisfied with the results. The particular class I am taking is focusing on "abstract" design. Just the kind of design that leaves a user centered practitioner like me rudderless. I have no "best practice" to draw on.

Alas, a jolt of inspiration from one of my favorite designers, Enzo Mari. He notes: "Proper design, on the other hand, begins where there is no model to copy." That is just my problem -- I am frustrated when having no model to copy. But I think of Mari's designs, some of which I proudly own, and I know that despite their simplicity, he must of spent much time figuring how to make it just right, so that it looks effortless in hindsight.

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