Wednesday, May 25, 2005


what's my market?

A few weeks late, but I have just learned about the launch of IBM's design consulting services unit (thanks Steve Portigal and Karl Long for the tip in their blogs).

Some are noting IBM's entry into experience design consulting, and service design. But a press release refers to a new field to me: something called "Business Performance Transformation Services" Please note the phrase should be capitalized. There doesn't seem to be a trademark on the phrase, so I expect we'll start seeing all kinds of people saying they are doing "BPTS." It would seem a happy marriage between design based on current, and forward-looking, user needs.

Personally, I've always had a foundness for IBM. They have always approached things methodically, tried to do the right thing (be a good corporate citizen, promote good design principles) and have avoided flash self-promotion. A good model for a client-centered business.

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