Friday, July 01, 2005


business as iterative design

I believe passionately in the power of iterative design, making changes to get feedback, so as to learn how to arrive at a better solution. Iterative design is not simply testing if something works, it is finding information within the feedback, information that can be acted upon. Iterative design is a form on continuous learning.

What iterative design is not is planning. Many people comfortable with notions of project planning and business planning cast a wary eye on iterative design. But no less a business authority than Peter Drucker notes the power of iterative design in the evolution of firms. He notes:

"When a new venture does succeed, more often than not it is in a market other than the one it was originally intended to serve, with products or services not quite those with which it had set out, bought in large part by customers it did not even think of when it started."

Try writing a business plan around that scenario.

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