Sunday, July 10, 2005


has microsoft no pride?

I use a Hotmail (Microsoft) email account for impersonal mail, such as mailing lists and such. While it has never been elegant, I haven't expected too much, given that it is free for basic service. But in past months it has grown increasingly unreliable, to the point where I am now only able to sign on about 50% of the time that I try. This is a "level of service" is bordering absurd. Even for non-urgent email it is too inconvenient.

Redmond is damaging their brand even further by offering such shoddy quality on something so uncomplicated.

UPDATE. The problem seems to be related to deep linking logged on account. This has always be mysterious to me, as sometimes I am taken to New Zealand branded site, and sometimes a UK branded one. Whatever has changed, I am not aware of being notified of it.

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