Monday, July 04, 2005


worst software award

I am really pissed off with Abode Acrobat. Every version seems to be worse than the previous one. I own version 4, but it is increasing rendered useless by documents created in newer versions, which have "enhanced features" that version 4 can't understand.

I hate the idiotic digital rights management of newer versions of Adobe. They often force the user to print out a document, instead of allowing him to save it to his disk. We are sliding backwards here people: my office is getting more cluttered by paper now, not less cluttered.

I hate how buggy Acrobat is, even Acrobat reader. The more crappy features Adobe tries to force on me, the more crappy code that results. Acrobat doesn't play well with Explorer, Firefox or Active X.

Acrobat is a corporate centric solution. The user be damned. It is time for users to stand up and voice their discontent.

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