Monday, August 29, 2005


daft downloading

Seems I am forever having to visit websites for "updates" of software. Even though some software will download updates automatically (assuming my spyware and virus software allow even that), there still seems no escaping the laborious visits to a website to get updates necessarily to keep things from crashing. Two things that really annoy me:

Item One: You download the "latest" version of the software, and install it, and reboot your computer, only to be told, as you boot up the lastest version of the software, that there are updates available. You think: I was just on the site, spent 10 minutes going through countless screens clicking "next" and "accept", and I still don't have an up-to-date version of the software. Guilty: Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Item Two: Your software crashes, and you are sent to the website for an "update" (really just a patch for the buggy software). You download the update, and install it. The vendor has the bad manners to ask you to read and agree to an "End User license Agreement" for the patch, as though it represented some big favor for which the user must offer thanks and humility. Guilty: Microsoft. Why some updates can be downloaded automatically, but others require an EULA, is something only lawyers can understand.

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