Thursday, September 15, 2005


what does this sign mean?

Here is an actual question from the New Zealand driving theory test.

What does this sign mean?

A) Children's playground ahead

B) Railway station ahead

C) Railway crossing ahead

D) Railway museum ahead

I am inclined to want to choose a non-existent "E": all choices seem plausible. Since the train does bear a striking resemblance to Thomas the Tank Engine, "A" might be a good choice. Since it a rather old looking train, "D" might work. The train seems like it is going some place (notice the smoke blowing in the direction that train has come from) so maybe I should follow the train to the railway station. Since the sign is yellow, maybe it is warning me about something, so "A" or "C" might be the right answer.

For the curious, I haven't yet seen a train that looks like the one pictured operating in New Zealand.

well? what is the right answer???????
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